Subtasks - let's improve them


Let’s talk about Subtasks! We love the idea of breaking tasks down into step by step action items, however we have run into some situations and would love to gain clarity and offer input.

  1. Similar to how a task dependent on another task has a little icon on the task indicating something extra with this task - we would LOVE to see tasks with subtasks be called out/pronounced more in the project main task list. This would help solve someone completing a task not realizing there are sub tasks associated. The only way to see if the task has sub tasks now is to click it, then scroll down on the task detail view to the right to find/see subtasks. If the main task had an indication (like an arrow, asterisk, heck even a smiley face!), that would be sweet and helpful.

  2. When a sub task is created, it would be awesome if it assumed project ties of the parent task. Can you please fill me in on why a sub task doesn’t default to the project of the parent task? Blank assignee and due date makes sense, but a sub task, I would assume, would almost always be in the same project of the parent task.



@Cameron_Moore thank you for your suggestions. Please note that subtask discussion has been a very active topic spanning many posts throughout the Community. There are lots of opinions of their use and lots of requests for improvement. One decent post was To Subtask or not to Subtask@Marie is keenly aware of the requests and actively represents the Community advocating to the development team. @Marie do you have any thoughts on somehow consolidating all of the Subtask threads to provide a library for use, pluses, minuses and requests for improvements. Maybe two threads, one for use and another for improvement requests. Thanks



Hi @James_Carl and thanks for the mention here! I think that most of the feedbacks at that stage are in the To Subtask or not to Subtask thread, but I’m aware some have fallen through the cracks; so in the coming weeks I will work a recap post in which I will include all most popular feedback and tips shared across the Community Forum.
Thanks again for your patience and cooperation; I really appreciate it!