Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project


When I look in my tasks, all the subtasks assigned to me (in the “Later” section) so in “No project”. Is that normal or did we set-up the parent task incorrectly?

thank you


Subtasks do not automatically inherit the parent tasks parameters. You can find more info on subtasks here:


Thank you. Just read through it. That’s quite unfortunate. Thank you

Hi @Constant_Mentzas, Michael from Asana here.

Our Team is working behind the scenes to see how best we can remedy this, however adding each Subtask to your Project manually (by using the Tab+P) will allow you to quickly add these tasks to the Projects thus removing them form the “No Project” category.

Hope this helps!


Thank you. Will do for now.

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Is it just me or is this a massive problem facing everyone?

I can’t understand why Asana rolled out changes last year that caused all subtasks to not have a project. There may be a good engineering reason for it, but from a product point of view it’s making life so difficult for us. Subtasks don’t appear in calendar view and they also show as having ‘No Project’ in My Tasks and tag lists. This despite there being an actual hyperlink in the subtask to the project… so it does have a project!

And the workaround being touted (i.e. manually add subtasks to the project) is silly because (a) it creates a huge overhead, and (b) all subtasks that are specifically added to a project then show up as parent-level tasks in that project, creating a huge mess of our parent task list. What were they thinking?!

A subtasks should inherit its parent task’s project label. That’s how it was for years and it was working fine. Please roll it back!

I would call this a bug, not a product change. Surely this needs to be fixed pronto…


This problem exists since quite a while now.
Do you know when it is going to be fixed please ?


We could really use an update on this. I have a template setup for a series of Tasks and Subtasks. Each time I create a new project via the template, it’s listing the Subtasks under No project. Not to mention, there are several views that don’t show what Project the subtask is associated with and is wasted time to dig deeper to find out. Do I need to ditch subtasks and have bunches of Tasks instead? Seems so messy…


I’ve just tried to onboard my team to Asana and this came up as a major issue. We use subtasks for breaking down larger pieces of work and not having a reference to the ‘mother’ project is crazy dumb. Eg: we have lots of similar tasks across lots of different projects – so scanning your task list becomes extra difficult when you can’t match the task to the project it belongs to.

Fix on the horizon?


I was not aware that subtasks ever inherited the project of their parent. I have been a strong advocate that they definitely should. I am active in the utility I provided the community CSV to PDF. Orphaned subtasks is a significant problem for this. So I am in full agreement that inheriting a parents Project(s) would substantially increase Advanced Searches, CSV exports and general subtask utility. Custom fields would be the next discussion.


@Alexis, any word from product team on getting subtasks to inherit project fixed?


Hi @B-Finatt - I’m unable to speak to product development specifically, but I can tell you that our team is certainly aware of the feedback!


Thanks! Hope cries from the community about [imho] obvious improvement will be heard soon :slight_smile:


I would not consider this ‘solved’. If Asana is to be used as a project management tool, then the fact that subtasks do not show in ‘my tasks’ within the project they’re assigned to is a massive problem. Having every user have to manually assign the subtask to the project is a ‘work around’ at best. We are evaluating Asana right now and this is a show-stopper for us.


Glad to know this is a major concern in the Asana community.
Subtasks inheriting parent tasks Project should be a no brainer.

I use Breeze and Trello as well and subtasks are always linked to the parent Project.

I get Julien Renaud’s points, but #2 should be considered a bug in Asana.
Subtasks are very useful when creating simple checklists inside a more general task.


Definitely a problem. Just encountered today when we decided to start using subtasks. Can Asana confirm that this will be fixed?


I’m also working in a company that is trialling the use of Asana and this is a relevant concern about further adoption / continued usage. There are arguments for subtasks not inheriting certain features from the parent task, but by default inheriting the same project from its owner should be a no-brainer. Also adding them manually to the project isn’t effective even as a workaround; as mentioned above, doing so then makes the subtasks also appear as parent-level tasks in that project. Clearly a bug, and one that I am surprised to see has been left unfixed for some time already.


Add yet another vote to having a subtask automatically belong to its parent project. Subtasks are part of a hierarchy, are they not? As such, they should show the parents.

Definitely a BUG that causes problems and confusion (and clearly causes some people to reject switching to Asana.) Please fix.


Another plea for an official update. This is driving me nuts, and easily the biggest obstacle I face to getting my team to start leveraging Asana. Getting everyone to add every sub-task to the main project is both improbable and impractical, and would result in nearly unusable project views.


Given that the task ‘knows’ it’s project and section, as visible at the top of the task, surely just showing this info on any task list would be very straightforward and at least make using sub-tasks much much less painful.

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