Subtasks in Calendar view

Asana definitely listens, I know this for a fact. They don’t react much because they are tied by the rule “we don’t share the roadmap”. The product has evolved tremendously in the past months, including some old topics being “finally” fixed, so I am really hopeful!

In some cases, a situation is not seen as a “bug” or something “to fix”. So I guess, it falls on the Product team and not the “Bug fixing” team, which in some cases can impact how fast it is developed.

Perhaps the solution would be to enable it the feature on an individual’s calendar. Yes, that would make it a bit more onerous to get used to, but I think the common consumer is tech savvy enough to figure that out. This would eliminate the problem of a subtask due date cluttering other people’s calendar. Maybe just find a way to integrate Google Calendar’s process or mimic somewhat to allow for ease of learning. But, quite honestly, I bet that if you took a survey of your millions of users and asked if they would be interested in an “Add Subtask to Calendar” function, the majority would want it. Just because it hasn’t been upvoted into the millions here doesn’t mean that the others don’t want it. It just means they may be too busy to come and post. Or they have decided it isn’t worth their time and moved over to different software… :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I have some requests to make to evaluate the possibility:

  • The calendar view, starting from the projects, does not show the subtasks and I would like to be able to view them.

  • In the calendar view on the whole team I would like to be able to insert the possibility of not displaying subtasks, due to the large number of tasks present in this view.

  • In the calendar view I would like to be able to insert the name of the project and not just the relative color.

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Hi @Ivano_Iodice welcome to the forum.

Merging this with the existing request for subtasks on calendar under the product feedback section. For each of your other asks please search for exisiting posts or create a new one under the product feedback section of the forum.

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I would just like the option of having subtasks in the calendar format - for me to toggle on and off depending on when I want to see them. Without the functionality of creating templates for sections, you have to rely on subtasks instead. And working interdepartmentally, having a lot of individual tasks that should inherently be under a task but not being able to see the time capacity/ calendar of those individual subtasks is a HUGE hurdle. It may not be for everyone, yet make it an option for the people who desperately need it.



Please let me offer a compromise here. Please give us a field at the top of all Project Views that says “Include Subtasks” so that we can manually toggle this on/off as needed.

I totally see why many users wouldn’t want subtasks showing, so I don’t want to see Asana wrecked for them. However, we are definitely on the other side of that fence.

Our entire company is hindered because we have no way of showing Subtasks on Calendar/Board/Timeline views. This is a titanic level hassle for us, causing us to do tremendous amounts of multi-homing with Task and Project Templates.

To add insult to injury, recently Asana has changed something in the background where you can no longer make a Task Template wherein the Parent Task and Subtask all live in the same Project. That WAS my workaround to allow all our subtasks to show up in the same Views. Especially Calendar view.

Now, when you make a Task Template, if you have everything homed in the same project (parents and subtasks), the moment you convert it to a Template, the Subtasks are removed from the Project. When you launch the Template, none of the subtasks will show up in the Project, and thus none of them in the Calendar.

I was very much disappointed to see this.

But, we would NOT need to do any of this, if we simply had a toggle at the top of the page that said “Show Subtasks”. That would solve it all!

Could there be a function for a calendar and or timeline view per task? I would love to be able to have a visual of subtasks.

Hi @Camille_Whitson There is currently a product feedback for this. I suggest upvoting it.


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Click the link below, then click the purple Vote button.