Subtasks get duplicated when I create a project from a template

Please excuse my use of terminology here – I may not be referring to everything 100% perfectly!

I’m having a weird issue with creating projects from custom templates, which I fear may actually be an Asana feature.

Projects for our organization are structured such that: we have multiple projects built from a template; within the template, we have tasks; some of these tasks have subtasks. In order to have the subtasks show in the main list, I have copied them to the project.

I think this might be causing something weird to happen. Whenever I create a project from this template, the subtasks for the new project show up in the “parent” task for that subtask in the template. So if I were to create two projects from a template, the “parent” task in the template would show three copies of the subtask when I click on the parent task: one from the template, and one from each of the projects created with the template.

Has anyone else experienced this? What should I do?

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Kindly closing this thread because it is a duplicate of Creating projects from template adds new project's subtasks back to template