Subtasks don't hide after complete

When I complete a subtask it is marked as “complete” but the subtask remains in the list. It should vanish into “completed subtasks” in the same manner as completed tasks. I should later be able to view completed subtasks (completed, incomplete, all, etc.).

Hi @Lawrence_Lempert, welcome to the Forum and sorry for the trouble. To clarify, do you mean that completed subtasks are still showing up in your list view even though you have the view set to “Incomplete Tasks”? Or are you referring to the subtasks listed under the parent task in the task panel on the right side? Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile:

I am talking about the subtask listed under the parent task in the task panel

It does not appear as a subtask in the main task list. However, when you select the specific task and see the subtask list below the description section it shows all the subtasks (complete or incomplete). This is very confusing and I think that if if the user is set to show only incomplete tasks then you should not show complete subtasks in the task panel on the right side either. Even if you disagree, I think you should put the completed subtasks at the bottom of the subtask list so as not to have the user have to scroll around looking through all the completed subtasks to find the uncompleted ones.