Subtask ‘template’ or list - to add to any task/card



I’m a new Asana user, coming from Trello, and really really miss a function from Trello.

In Trello you have “cards” instead of tasks, and you can also make checklists (essentially lists of subtasks) which you can check off and add to any card.

You can easily save these checklists so you can add it to any card (without connecting them - they are independently on each card).

This is a hugely helpful feature for teams that have the same type of subtasks on all tasks - for instance the the same 6 steps which need to be done again and again and again.

In this case I have a board for an editorial calendar. It moves in a flow from left to right - from idea > pipeline > progress > editing > published. So, each article is a task.

In order to assign deadlines at different times to various people (ie graphics and editing) we want to have subtasks as well on each, like we did on Trello - basically a subtask list with different points: research, draft, editing, graphics, published.

I migrated my Trello board to Asana but I have to go through every task manually and add all these subtasks. It would be gold to have a simple feature where you can add a list of subtasks to any task. I suspect that many teams are in similar situations - there is a regular set of subtasks to be done and it is a waste of time to keep typing them out. :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to find a way to do this as well. Each week my team has dozens of new tasks that auto-populate from Wufoo in a project and have a set list a subtasks that need to be entered into each task. We’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to automate this or at least copy and paste. See here: Subtasks: auto-populate or copy & paste a list of subtasks to a new task