Subtask Tags Behavior with Keyboard Shortcuts



Edit: I just wanted to add for clarity that I know you can add a tag to a subtask by going into the subtask first. What follows is a description of how the behavior should work.

Here is what I would expect the behavior to be when you are managing subtasks:

• In the detail view for a task that has subtasks
• Select a subtask
• Pressing Tab-T allows you to tag the subtask

What happens now is it tags the main task, not the selected subtask.

Here I have selected a subtask:

Tab-T brings up the Tag field for the main task:


Hi @Geoff_Manning

To add a tag to a subtask, you’ll want to drill into the subtask first.
To do this, click the comment bubble + > to the right of the subtask title.
You can then use Tab+T keyboard shortcut to add the tag to the subtask.


I should have been more clear. I understand how to add a tag to a subtask. I just thing the behavior should be consistent. If I click on a task and hit Tab-T I can add a tag to that task. If I click on a subtask, I should be able to hit Tab-T to add a tag to it as well, not the parent.


Just to add another data point here. When you have a subtask selected, you can hit Tab-M to assign the subtask you yourself. So the subtask-tag should follow the same workflow in my opinion.


I agree! It would be great to reduce the navigation requirements with regard to subtasks.

Additional features that would be helpful for subtasks…

  • see the subtask tag in the subtask line of the main line
  • tag multiple subtask at the same time
  • add multiple subtasks to a project at the same time.


Agreed here - wish this task has some more love and was implemented.

Tagging tags and seeing them would be really helpful for my projects



I was also hoping that TAB + T would let me add a tag directly to a subtask when one is selected.