Subtask Permissions - Private Parent Task

Hello - I have a subtask that is public and viewable, but it says the parent task is Private. I can’t then click “request permission” since I can’t get to the parent task. Does anyone know how to gain access to the parent task? Thanks!

There’s no method within Asana to gain that access. You would need to:

  1. Ask your local Asana admin
  2. Ask Melissa V., who created the task
  3. Ask Asana support
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Thanks Stephanie! Unfortunately Melissa V. doesn’t know either and it’s private for her as well which is odd since she created the task.

Quick question - is the only way that a subtask would become private is if someone accidentally clicked “make private”? Are there settings somewhere that would auto make that private for some reason?

A task could become private or otherwise changed by certain dragging moves or certain other slips of the finger…I think.

At this point, Melissa herself should reach out to your local admin or Asana support. The latter most definitely has the ability to restore visibility.


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