Subtask interface is very cumbersome when there are many subtasks - they need their own task list window and detail side window

I regularly use CSV uploads to create tasks with dozens of subtasks under them. Clicking to view the details of subtasks is incredibly cumbersome, however. This is especially true when there are > 20, where you then have to click “Load more subtasks” to see all of them.

So when I’m clicking into details between multiple subtasks one after another my flow looks like:

Subtask detail > Back to subtask list > click “Load more subtasks” > Scroll back down to where I was > Subtask detail

All of this happens in the right side detail window. The main task list remains the same.

Instead I propose that when clicking into the details of subtasks that the main task list toggles to show the subtask list to allow for easy side by side viewing of the subtask list and the subtask details.

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