Subtask information rolled up to Parent

It would be fantastic if subtask information could roll up and down from parent/ sub tasks. Time now does roll up now, but progress and tags don’t.

EG 1: One task has 5 sub tasks. each subtask takes a few minutes, and no dates or assignee is added but each needs to be checked for regulation/ QA purposes. The parent task is marked complete, but the subtasks stay undone.

EG 2: There is a scrum of scrum project wherein each task has 8 sub tasks. Each subtask is part of a different project, but the status of the parent task stays “not started” when subtasks have started and start/end dates do not roll up to the parent task either.

Ideal Solution for roll ups:
Could there be a check box or rule option created to state what fields roll up and how?

Ideal Solution as added rule options:

  • “If subtasks exist AND dates are set, Start Date= first subtask date; End Date= latest subtask date”
  • “Any Subtask Status Changed to In Progress= Parent Task is marked In Progress” &
  • “All Subtask Status Changed to Complete= Parent Task is marked Complete” would save a good amount of time.

Thanks for reading and all you do to support the product.


Did you remember you posted the same thing a few months ago? :grimacing: Subtask information rolling up to Parent Task

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Thanks for the question and for linking the posts together! I’m not sure if my memory is actually in question here, but, yes, I did remember the initial post when I posted this. I chose to post it new anyway because:

  • I understand Asana more now than I did so the feedback/ request is more specific for what I hope to get out of it.
  • The post was not editable so I couldn’t add proposed solutions. If there was a response, I’d be more trusting that my comments would be read and would have put the proposed solutions there instead.
  • The last post had no responses and 6 months had passed; the original post may have been archived or iceboxed or something by now.

If there are additional questions about the request, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them :grin:

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Makes sense. I am almost certain this piece of feedback already exists on the forum but I couldn’t find the right keyword so we’ll keep it as a separate thread for now :slight_smile:

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