Subtask in calendar view when using boards


I am having some trouble with the calendar view when using a “board” style project.

  1. I am unable to see my subtasks in the calendar even though they have due dates. Is there a setting I can change to see the subtasks appear in the calendar?

  2. Once I have “completed” a subtask, it does not appear in the calendar. But in my other projects, I am using a “list” style and all subtasks (completed or not) do show up in the calendar - which is really helpful!

Any tips on how to resolve the above would be really appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi @Gurleen_Bal and welcome to the Forum!

Subtasks by default don’t inherit the project of their parent task. You can learn more about it in the following article: ([ ]. That might be the reason why you are not seeing your subtask in the Calendar of your Board Project

Try adding manually your subtasks to the project using the “Tab+P” ) shortcut and you should be able to see them in your Project Calendar.

Hope this helps! Have a great Friday!

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