SUBTASK ICON not displaying in List View on Mobile Phone App

When viewing the project list view, I am missing an icon or something in a main task line that lets the user know there are also subtasks for this task.

This icon notification is on the desktop and iPad, but seems to be missing from the mobile App?

Currently there is no visual notification for the assignee that subtasks are a part of a task when viewing the main task list on mobile phone…

In the attached image, the circled task has 3 subtasks that the Assignee has no idea are part of the task. Is this displaying properly?

iPhone SE, Model MP872VC/A, Asana APP

Hi @Shawna_Lynn_Cox, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the trouble!

Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling the app? I’ve also filed a task to confirm with our team whether or not this is an expected behaviour. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Hi @Shawna_Lynn_Cox, just checking if you are still experiencing issues here?

Hi @Shawna_Lynn_Cox, I’m closing this bug report as we haven’t heard back from you but feel free to let us know if the issue persists!

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