Subtask from different CSV

hello guys, I need some help with the subtask from CSV file.
I am trying to upload to 2 different projects. Project 2 has subtasks to tasks in project 1.
trying to do it using different CSV is not working for me. I can do it manually but I have a big number of tasks to upload.
Does anyone have any idea on how to do it?


Can you clarify “Project 2 has subtasks to tasks in project 1” do you mean dependencies or multi-homing of subtasks. How many layers of subtasks do you have.

I have tasks in project 1 that are dependent on tasks in project 2. And it is only one layer.

The reason why I have two different projects is because I need to have different custom fields for different tasks.

If that can be done through an API, or change the method where I can use one sheet to upload to two different projects, or have another approach to doing what I need I am open for new ideas.

@Patrick_Jreijiri First of all custom fields are determined at the project level, not the task level. Once a custom task is added to a project it shows up on all the tasks either in the header or if you choose hidden in the task detail. This would be a very easy project for my utility Sendana Add once you set up a template for the two projects instead of trying to work with a CSV file. The CSV file option import is a nice feature but your struggle points to why I believe setting up a template project is best. Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass. Our sister product Sendana Date can then compliment your entire process Sendana Date-Now you can rollback or rollforward all the dates of your projects or templates Should you have any questions please email or you can PM me.