Subtask date integration into My Task View

In My Tasks view, it seems natural to me that all of my tasks and subtasks would be viewable there, sorted by date.

I learned today that such is not the case and that in My Task view, you will only see primary tasks, not subtasks.

That means I have to open each task to see the deadline for the subtask or open each project to see it with a drop down arrow. What???

The absence of this vital feature is totally shocking to me.

I must admit, not having easy functionality on the viewing of deadlines for both tasks and substasks seems like a major oversight for task management software. That seems like Ferrari forgetting to put an engine in their car imho.

I was pivotal in having our large firm adopt this software (on an enterprise model for pricing) and this will likely be a deal breaker at time of renewal.

My surprise cannot be overstated.

Hi Gary,

Strange. All my subtasks and associated due dates do appear in My Tasks under both List and Board view.

Subtasks do not inherit a due date from their parent task automatically upon creation so ensure you’re actually assigning them a due date.

Otherwise, I’m not to sure why this would be the case for you.


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Thanks Kiefer. I can’t explain it but they recently “showed up”. So, I will be removing this post. My faith has been restored.

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