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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Sometimes one of my subtasks gets put at the top of my list as a task. It’s a mirror image of the subtask. So if I mark as complete or incomplete or edit the description then the same happens to the other one. If I delete it, it will delete the subtask. I can move it lower on my list though.

Steps to reproduce: don’t know

Browser version: 98

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I believe what’s happening is the subtask is being set to be a member of the project that the parent task is in. That will make the subtask appear 1) as a subtask, and 2) as a top-level task (a sibling to the parent task) in the same project.

Remove that project membership and you will only see the subtask, not the top-level one.

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Thank you for your response can you explain that a little more @lpb
. What do you mean “the subtask is being set to be a member of the project that the parent task is in”?

And what does it mean to remove “project membership”?

Thank you in advance.


Have a look at this short video on “multi-homing” which is jargon for adding a task to multiple projects:

Keep in mind:

  • What’s likely happening in your case is that your duplicate is caused by the subtask being added to the project the parent task is in
  • Normally subtasks are not a member of any project; they just exist as subtasks of the parent task; this is the case for all but one of your subtasks
  • Subtasks don’t show the “Project” field so you have use Alt+P or the “…” menu Add to projects menu item to see that option.

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