Subtaks Lacking Functionality/Usability


I’m currently using boards for the majority of my projects as I feel they’re really visual and effective. The boards grew quite large however so I’m in the process of grouping columns into a single task and then adding the tasks that were underneath those columns into subtasks under the parent. While doing this though I’m finding subtasks quite counter-intuitive in their approach compared to how normal tasks work. I’m aware some of these sentiments have been expressed in other posts, I thought I would share my response as well.

  1. Can’t assign tags to multiple subtasks - At the moment, tags have to be added by clicking the bubble and going into the task to manually assign it. Intuitively I tried to select the subtask and click tab-T how you would normally yet this tries to assign it to the parent tag.

  2. Tags don’t display on subtask title - Tags assigned don’t display on the subtask line along with who it was assigned to and the date. This is problematic for my team as our tags relate to priority. Being able to visually see the coloured tag really helps us identify what tasks urgently need to be completed.

  3. Parent tasks don’t display that they contain uncompleted subtasks - Currently, there’s no indication of parent tasks containing any subtasks. I feel like there should be some form of indication otherwise you have no inclination whether there are further tasks to be completed unless you click on the tasks and search through it. Seeing some form of number/indicator on the parent tasks in board view would really help me keep on top of which tasks are larger than others.

At the moment, these are some pitfalls I find with the use of subtasks that either hinder or limit their use. What do people think?


Another issue, subtasks don’t inherit the projects their parent tasks are a part of. Not sure really what the purpose of them not inheriting the parent project is? But having to manually add one by one isn’t ideal.