Subscribe to all updates in a section

I see that you can ‘follow’ a section, however it appears that this only gives email notifications on the section task itself, rather than any tasks inside the section.

I propose that any collaborators of a section get notified of any changes to any of the tasks inside it (or alternatively, just a notification that a task has been moved in to, or out of the section).

This would be particularly useful when sections are used as a workflow (ie. moving one task from “Backlog” to “Underway” to “Ready to go-live” to “Testing” to “Sign-off”). This would let me add a collaborator to a section that is interested when certain tasks are moved to a specific stage (eg. Testers could be notified when tasks are moved in to “Sign-off”).

Thanks for your consideration of this feature request!

That is interesting! I’ll upvote it!

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Hi @Andrew_Beaven and thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

Not sure if you’ve followed this conversation, but we’re in the process of upgrading Sections and moving them to our new data model (You can learn more about it in this post). Because Sections used to behave exactly as tasks do, you were able to follow them. This won’t be the case anymore with the new Sections model I’m afraid, but these new Section will be a lot more powerful than the current ones!

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Allowing users to be notified of section level changes is still a useful feature request in my opinion, so I think this feedback should remain open.

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The thread is still open @Andrew_Beaven, everyone can vote and comment, but I just wanted to set some clear expectations and give you some context :slight_smile: Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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Glad to see someone else thought of this. Definitely needed. This would allow my team to be more efficient by avoiding having to reassign tasks when they change section, though we’d still need to know who worked originally on the task. Currently, that involves creating comments/reassignations manually. Notifications on section activity would make that a lot easier!

Hi all,

FYI the If-Then Rules feature of the Flowsana integration (I’m the author) allows you to get email notifications when a task gets moved to a column/section - here’s an example:

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