Submit Status Issue

I know that Asana has a ‘status’ page to see how the system is performing ( Asana has been slow and sluggish for a many of our users today, but when I goto the Status page, it says everything it great, “No incidents reported”. That got me thinking… how DOES one report an incident?

We have been slow all day (about 15-30 seconds to view the details of a single task). Where would we go to report that?

Hi @AjD and thank you for reaching out in the Forum!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I would encourage you to test these troubleshooting steps to see if this issue gets resolved. if If you’ve already tried some of these steps, please make sure to also try the others.

If after testing the troubleshooting steps you are still facing this issue, I would recommend you to reach out to our Support Team who will be able to take a closer look into your account and assist you further. Please make sure to indicate exactly which steps you’ve already tried so that we can better assist you (feel free to add the URL of these thread to save yourself from re-explaining everything)

Additionally, It would be very helpful for them if you could also record a video screencast showing the performance issue so they can identify the behaviour more quickly and speed things up.

We recommend Apowersoft’s screen recording software ( and would recommend that you create your recording using an incognito window with your Javascript console open :

To open your JavaScript quickly, please open your browser window. From the browser menu, please select “More Tools” and then “Developer Tools”. If possible please try to include the entire browser window, including URL bar, in your video screencast.

Thank you @AjD! Have a nice day!