Sub Tasks In Calendar View

This old chestnut.

How do we get sub tasks in to calendar view? I see this topic has been raised for many years by users time and time again, there appears to be lots of support for this functionality but the Asana Community Managers seem to let the discussion run for a while then shut it down.

We run a HR Consulting business and providing generalist services including recruitment, training, etc. All of these services have a number of steps. For example recruiting one position for a client might have 20 sub tasks associated with the task of recruiting one role. When you have many clients and many roles to recruit it would be easier to have the Section title as the role (Administration Coordinator May 2022) and all the sub tasks underneath.

We are test mode and love the product but reluctant to sign on when it is apparent a request to improve the product and user experience for something which seems quite basic is falling on deaf ears with no real prospects of be actioned.

Before we pull the pin on this, does anyone have a suggestion to manage the scenario above. Our team really need to see subtasks in the calendar in amongst client and candidate appointments.


Welcome, @Michael_Werle,

Asana doesn’t convey their roadmap so it’s always possible this will be improved; new functionality releases have greatly accelerated in the past year or two.

Until then…

With all this repetition, you’re likely using task templates. Just home all these subtasks to a single “Hidden Subtasks” section in this same project tucked away at the bottom and collapsed. That will get all your subtasks showing with the other parent tasks on the calendar.

Hope that helps,


Hi Larry

Thanks for your prompt response. I’m not sure I follow.

For example, we have a section called HR Audit. Under the section heading there is a task called HR Audit (September 2022).

Under this task there are 10 sub tasks which are assigned, due dates etc.

How do I ‘home’ all these subtasks to a single “Hidden Subtasks” section in this same project tucked away at the bottom and collapsed.

I gather I need to create a section called Hidden Subtasks. From here you’'ve lost me.


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Sorry for not being more clear.

In List view, with Sort of none:

  • Click the expand/collapse next to the task HR Audit (September 2022) to show all its subtasks in the main pane (not the right side pane).
  • Click to select the first subtask
  • Shift+click to select the last subtask (but no more than 50 at once)
  • In the footer toolbar, click the Edit project/section taskbar
  • From its menu, click Add to Project and autocomplete this project’s name
  • Change Untitled section to Hidden Subtasks

The subtasks will now be on the calendar.

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