Sub task of a sub task - status

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Apologies if that was discussed on the forum already, but did not manage to find relevant topic, thus starting this thread.

I am looking for a help - I have noticed that I can create sub-task in our ‘epic’ thread, and going forward, we can continue to create sub-tasks to a sub-tasks…

However, the question is - can we show in a ‘list view’ what is the completion status of this 3rd level of activity?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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It won’t be possible to see in list view columns, I’m afraid. You can click the subtask to open it in the detail pane and see the status there, but of course that’s only one at a time.

You could multi-home (add to project) the sub-subtasks back into the current project and have them appear (again) as a top-level task, in any section, but that could get confusing!

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Thank you Larry, appreciate your help!

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