Sub-task in iOS App does not indicate if there is any comments or updates in parent view

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From the view of a parent task, check for any sub-task with comments in it, it will not show the small speech bubble like in the web view. makes me click on each sub task to make sure there is no updates in them.

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Hi @Abdullah_Alhoshan and welcome to the Forum!

I can confirm this is not a Bug but the current behaviour since this feature isn’t available in our Mobile app.

If it’s OK with you, I’m moving this post to the #mobile:androidios-feedback to allow other users to vote for this feature to be implemented! I would also suggest you to click the vote button next to the post title to have your vote count.

Please let me know if there you have any follow-up question @Abdullah_Alhoshan. Have a great Monday!

Thank you @Natalia, sorry for posting it as a bug.

Don’t worry at all @Abdullah_Alhoshan! Happy to be able to help! :slight_smile: