Sub-goals: Easier Key Results, distinction between Os and KRs, linked Projects

We’re still trying to using the Goals module to document our OKRs, and still struggling to make it work for us.

A few thoughts:

  1. Make it easier to quick add Sub-goals. Right now, adding each KR as a sub-goal is a cumbersome process. I’d like to be able to create sub-goals without the additional pop-up window and details required. Particularly if I’m structuring a goal that has milestone metrics with no progress settings.
  2. Differentiate sub-goals visually between Objectives and Key Results. Right now there’s no distinction, and it’s not easy to scan my goals.
  3. Add Projects as Sub-goals. We can link Projects as references and use them for measuring progress, but functionally if we have a Key Result or Objective that already has a dedicated Project, we need to also create a sub-goal with the same name. This creates extra work, redundancy, and confusion in the app since I will see two distinct items with the same title (the sub-goal and the project). It would be simpler and cleaner (IMO) to let me assign the Project directly as a Sub-goal.

Ultimately I find it frustrating that the documentation is based on the OKR methodology but the implementation doesn’t seem to align.

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