Styling of scrollbars in Board is done differently for chrome and for firefox

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
You have restyled scrollbars, however firefox uses different css classes for that purpose, you need to add them as well.
Steps to reproduce:
Open Board in Firefox
Browser version:
FF 81.0
Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Tomas_Javorsky_CZ_SW, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Just to make sure I understand your issue, are you unable to scroll in Board in Firefox? Looking forward to your reply!

It is just a problem of styling. Scrolling itself works. The styling of scrollbars is done differently for chrome and for firefox, thats probably the cause of this issue.

Thanks for getting back to me @Tomas_Javorsky_CZ_SW! We currently support Firefox Extended Support Release version 78.3.0esr (64-bit) and the new scrollbars in Board view have also been updated.

Please make sure you are using this version and type of Firefox and you should be able to see the same view as in Chrome :slight_smile: If the issue persists please send me a screenshot of your browser type and version and I’ll be happy to investigate this further!