Student Premium outside of the US

I’ve been using Asana for a long time now and I’ve actually presented it as a helpful digital tool in one of my media pedagogy classes - that’s how much I love it. It has really helped me structure my tasks in University because it’s usually really hard for me due to my ADHD. And since time management is such a huge issue for people with ADHD I would really love to have the option to use the “timeline” feature - but I can’t afford the Premium version.
I saw that for US students there is an option to get the premium features for free or at least cheaper. Will that be possible for students outside of the USA? That would be sooo great!

Thank you for your work and helping me get through uni and life!

Hi @Daria_M, you can reach out to our Support team who will be able to give you more information on Asana for Student plans :slight_smile:

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