Student Group Premium Trial

Hi all,

I have applied for the premium 6 months trial for our student group workspace. How long does it take to be approved in general?


Hi @Aziz_Koyuncuoglu and thanks for reaching out!

I can confirm our team has received your application and will be in touch within the next couple of days!

Thank you very much @Marie.

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Hi @Marie, I have the same question. I applied on Monday and I haven’t gotten any response from anyone at Asana. I’d like to show Asana to my teammates tomorrow afternoon at our biweekly in-person meeting, because otherwise it may be another 2 weeks before I can effectively onboard them in person and by then I think it may be too late to be useful.


Thanks for reaching out @Alex_Jenko! I’ve passed your message to the Team :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie,

I have the same issue here. However, we are a student-group from Germany (University of Osnabrueck). Does this make a difference?
We’ll have our next meeting next week, which is when we’ll decide which organisation tool we want to use. So it would be really cool, if I would know by then whether we can have a free premium access for students or not.


Hey @Marie,

I have applied for Asana Student Premium over a month ago and did not hear from you since.
A couple of days after my application I’ve contacted support for an estimate how long it would take but the agent couldn’t make an estimation.

Our student group would love to use asana but like, I said - now it has been over a month and we are still waiting for a response.

I appreciate your attention.

Kind regards,