Storing and accessing of past completed tasks


I have quarterly management reviews to discuss past work over the previous quarter and figured accessing my previously completed tasks would be the easiest way of reminding myself what I had been doing. Does Asana store completed tasks and if so, how do you access them? Thanks!


@Nick_Gosse, that’s a great idea!

Asana definitely stores completed Tasks. For your specific use case, I’d use Advanced Search to create a search for All Tasks, assigned to you and in the “Completed” state. You could change the completed date ranges as well (to see all Tasks completed in the last week, for example).

I’ve seen managers use these views to help celebrate all the good work happening across their team, and I use a similar search to help write peer reviews (all completed Tasks where myself and a coworker are followers, to help remind me of the work we collaborated on). Just another reason to track everything in Asana :slight_smile:


I used this recently for my 2016 review (yeah, we had it really late…) - my boss and I had trouble even remembering what I was doing in early 2016, so I just pulled up a completed tasks search from Q1 2016 for me and that jogged our memories a bit =) Super useful.

I’m recommending we use that functionality in quarterly reviews moving forward, as we plan out the foundation of Asana in the department regarding goals/kpis.