Stopping Initial New Member Email Invite

Is it possible to add a new member without an email notification being sent to them? I have been working on a consulting project for about 2 months and would like to pre-populate member data/documents into the Asana system so that when a member is invited, their information will already be in the system. This should help accelerate adoption of the Asana system.

Hi @Patrick_Bruchs,

The member email invite built into the new member process. However, it is possible to bulk add individuals to Asana teams.

To clarify, what kind of member data/documents are you hoping to pre-populate in Asana?


Hi Alexis,
Thanks for this feedback.
I am working with 7 different individuals and want to keep all communication, including documents, in one place. Since I have been working on this project for a couple months now, I want to be able to take the data that I have received in various emails, and assign this data (including documents) to each person that has responded via email. Most of the documents are PDF, Excel or Word.
Will bulk adding individuals prevent the invite email from going out immediately? It would be nice to control when the invite is sent so each member, when they are invited and login, will see all of the data that we have pre-populated for them. This should give them immediate confidence in using the system; which will lead to a higher adoption rate.
Please advise,

Hey Patrick! I like that idea of as soon as they get their invite, they get met with a bursting my tasks and inbox =)

Some ideas that might work…for every task or subtask that needs to be assigned to Person A, tag it as Person A. Same with Person B/C/D/etc.

THEN, do a saved search for each of these - ‘only tasks tagged with Person A’, same with each person tag.

Then when you have it all built out, just go to the saved search, select all the tasks (click the top task then shift+click the last task in the list) and assign it to Person A (or whomever the tag is for) - you will get prompted to of course invite them to the team/etc. and the perhaps remove the tag from all the tasks (you can do this all at once since they’re multi-selected.

Then you repeat this for each person on the team.

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Thanks Caisha,

I’ll check this out and let you know how it works for me.
Have a great evening.

Best regards,
Patrick Bruchs

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