Stopping guests from receiving Asana emails they don't or shouldn't need to see

Hi - I’ve been testing premium features out, creating dummy users (internal staff) and dummy guests (clients).
Since I set up my dummy client on Sunday, they have received x3 emails:

  1. “You’re in! Make the most of your Premium trail.”
  2. “Start with these powerful features.”
  3. “Use Asana with tools you love.”

I really don’t want my guests/clients getting spammed with things that they don’t need, once a day - especially asking them to make the most of the Premium features/tools/etc… They are a guest after and not part of the organisation - why they should be getting notified of our trail etc I’m…

Feel like its a bad UX if I tell them that “umm ahh we use this system, and when I invite you to use it sorry but they’ll sen you emails until you go in and change your email settings you’ll get an email a day - sorry you’ll have to go unsubscribe.”
100% they’ll be annoyed…

Ideally all they should get is the invite emails, adding to projects etc.
Can you tell me where to turn this off for them?

Much appreciated.


Anything from anyone on this, @Asana?
My clients are huge multinationals, and really really won’t be pleased to get spammed once a day with ‘tips and tricks’ they really don’t care about.
Will be bad PR for you guys…just saying…

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Hi @Lins_Karnes,

Thanks for following up! For reference, general email preferences can be updated using the steps here: Email notifications from Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide.

We do have welcome emails that we send to help with user onboarding - these are the emails you’re referencing. I’m not sure what the options are for receiving these emails, so I’m going to reach out to my colleagues for more information. I’ll get back to you about this as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


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Hi @Lins_Karnes,

Update for you! All emails from Asana should have an unsubscribe link in them. So, if you or any of your colleagues or guests do not want to receive emails, they can feel free to click the unsubscribe link. If for some reason you don’t see an option to unsubscribe, feel free to send me a private message with your email address (or anyone else’s who doesn’t see this link) and I’ll be happy to help.