Stop team deleting a project

Is there a way to block people from deleting a project?

@Ryan_Woolfenden you can mark a project comment only. Which means they can view and comment but can’t complete or add tasks. There is no way that I am aware of stopping the specific action of deleting a task.


Hey @Ryan_Woolfenden,

If you are using the free version of Asana, there is not much you can do besides politely ask the person to take their time and feel comfortable coming to you when mistakes do occur.

In the Premium version of Asana, you can make Projects comment only specific to the Project Members associated with it. That way, you can make specific user accounts comment only, which will remove the ability to delete tasks.

Keep in mind, you can recover deleted tasks up to 30 days by going to the left panel and selecting Show Recents and More.

I hope this helps.