Stop agressive upgrade reminders

While Asana is a nice tool, I am very bothered by the amount of up-selling that takes place within the platform. We are already on a paid plan, yet we are subjected to a giant colorful “Upgrade” button on every screen. In addition, there are constant reminders within the system about features that we don’t have.

Constantly being asked to upgrade just detracts from the value of the service we’ve already paid for.

Hi @DC_INSEAD :wave:t4:

First and foremost welcome to the Asana Community Forum, and sorry to hear about the difficulty with this.

The prompts you are seeing are sometimes for actual features that you can unblock with a different subscription offering, but I can totally see how they may be distracting and unwelcomed in your case.

Our Support Team might be able to assist you in disabling the colorful “upgrade” banner you see in your Organization. Perhaps this may be less distracting for you?

If so, you can contact our Support Team and feel free to reference this post by sharing the URL with them so we can look into what we can do for you.

For info on how to best contact Support check out this link: How do I contact support

Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.


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I recommend using the ‘User JavaScript and CSS’ extension for Google Chrome, which you can download from the Chrome webstore here

Click ‘Add rules for this page’ and, if you’re a free user (I recently downgraded) add the CSS snippet below:


Once done, you can continue using Asana as usual but you’ll never see the Upgrade button. The same process should work for all other tiers of accounts, though you may need to tweak the CSS.

Should take about 30 seconds.