Stay in Full Screen Mode


Clicking the sides of the page, when viewing a task in full screen mode, takes the page out of full screen mode. It’s ridiculously frustrating.

When viewing a task, you can hit TAB+X, or append /f to the URL, to view it in Full Screen mode. Once there, if you mouse click the grey area to the left or right of the displayed task, you get bumped out of full screen mode. I accidentally do this all the time, and it makes for an extremely frustrating user experience. Can this be changed?


At this time there is no way to change this functionality. However, we hear you and can appreciate where you’re coming from with this feedback. Thank you for lettings us know! Our team will keep this in mind as they move forward with the product.


I completely agree - so frustrating. If it’s one thing I don’t like about Asana, it’s this :bangbang: :wilted_flower:


i also agree – love Asana, but this UI aspect on the desktop is extremely frustrating, and happens many times a DAY for me.

@Alexis , is it possible to raise this to the Asana team, to consider changing this behavior for the desktop ?

There is an “x” button on the top-right of full-screen mode, and that should be sufficient to return back to the project.