Status Updates feature request

  • Currently only able to enable a “remind me every Friday” to complete status updates. If this could be customizable to include bi weekly, last Friday of every month, etc.

  • Currently unable to make a rule or workflow triggered by a status update. If this could be possible on the project and portfolio level. Such as when all projects from within the portfolio have submitted their monthly status update > Slack/ Email/ notify XXX person

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I suggest you use a simple recurring task for this. The reminder in question does not have any specific feature (except grouping all projects in a single notification).

There is actually no rule at the project level, at all. I suggest you split your request into two so people can vote separately (assuming you already looked for existing threads).

Hope that helps!

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Hi @asha010, welcome to the Asana Community Forum, and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have a thread in our #product-feedback category requesting to customize the reminder task for status updates, I recommend you upvoting here: Status Updates: Need options for "remind me every ___"

In regard to your second request, could you please create a separate request and give us more details of what you would like to achieve? This allows other people to upvote for this feature is they are interested to see it implemented too.

Thank you!

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