Status Update Template?

Hi all! I’m using Asana to store employee information, and was hoping to use the “Status Update” form to record an employee’s status (we have seasonal work, so they’ll occassionally be inactive and then reactivated) and other information such as whether we’d hire them again, etc. I’ve figured out how to make a template for the employee information, but was hoping that there was also a way to have a template for the status updates carry through on each of those duplicate templates? For instance, once I personalize a status update, is there an easy way to make it repeatable without having to re-enter the information on every new employee template? Thanks!

Hi @Anna_Jones,

Great question! When you personalise a status update, it will automatically be remembered for your future update, however it won’t carry over with a template, which means that you will have to set up the initial status update for each project you’re creating!