Status to create a pipeline for projects

Hi Asana users

I organise 50 meetings a year for energy companies worldwide. We prepare them, implement them, produce summaries and deliver these on our app.

I would like to give different status to them such as upcoming, report is being produced and delivered. off track etc.

I should then be able filter out all that have been delivered or upcoming etc.

I cant figure out how to do this.



Hey @Mårten_Nilsson,

You can set up the columns/sections as the status (stage) and then you move each meeting when the stage changes.

I also recommend using task templates for your meetings if you always have to follow the same steps: Task Templates • Asana

Now not sure how comprehensive each meeting is in terms of action steps afterwards. Because then it might be necessary to create a project per meeting if you have a lot to execute. If so then I’d still have one Asana project with all the meetings and then multi-home the tasks.

The use of custom fields might be helpful as well. For example one text field where you enter the main e-mail address of the client, then maybe you have a customer nr allocated to them, company name, type of company, etc
Reason: whenever needed you can then better filter and also when you export the date it is nicely organized.

You can also find Asana project templates + extra templates on Templana

I hope that helps!

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