Static view of content/editorial calendar for limited access



Hello - I am in the Marketing department at my company. We are using Asana to manage our work and also to build out a content/editorial calendar. We would like to provide a view of the content calendar to other groups who do not use Asana, for example the sales team. They will not need to interact with the calendar per se (i.e. no editing of tasks, creation of tasks, etc). Is there a way to provide a “static” view to people who do not have access to Asana? I have seen the Google/Apple/Outlook sync options and I am not sure they work for us.



@mvisser This is a great question, and there’s a couple of options. My primary recommendation would be to add your cross-functional teammates as project members. You can also consider using Comment Only projects to give your cross-functional teammates comment-only access and your content/editorial team full edit access. This will allow your cross-functional teammates to see the formatted project and also to receive progress updates from the team with no extra effort.

Another option would be to use the “Export” or “Print” options in a project. Using the Print option, you can select to “Save to PDF” and then send the PDF to your cross-functional teams. You can see more about printing projects here.

Would either of these options work for your team?


@mvisser I wonder if the three-dots CMS might also be useful for your scenario.