Static Timeline Templating

Currently, the timeline cannot be used without entering real dates into each task. What we’d like to do is assign order of priority and durations to tasks so that a timeline can be filled out on a template _without _ entering specific dates.

In this way, the dates on a repeated project do not have to be manually entered with each new start date, but the duration and order of tasks can be followed, instead.

For example, instead of “start date” “end date,” we would love an option for “duration” and be able to populate a timeline (that isn’t assigned to specific dates) via dependencies.

Are there any plans for this feature?

Sounds like a discussion for @Phil_Seeman and his integration

Thanks, @James_Carl!

Yes, @William_Copeland, my Flowsana automated workflow integration has the exact capability you describe in its Dynamic Duration Workflow. Here’s an example of part of a template showing tasks, dependencies and durations (and lag times between dependencies which you can also optionally specify):

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