Start over, Reboot, Organization 2.0


My organization used Asana previously, moved away from it, and now has a mostly new team and different processes. I really want to use Asana to manage projects, but the organization in Asana is a MESS. How can I throw out everything there, start over, and rebuild it from scratch?


We’ve had success with setting up and deleting entire teams! Gave us a fresh start as we started to learn best practices.


I guess it depends how you had everything set up? We have Teams for our organization and pay for Asana. It’s very simple to make a new team and delete the old one? Each team has it’s own projects. You can even move projects between teams if you want to keep some of the stuff?

If it’s a personal workspace you can’t make new teams… you can either convert it to an organization or you can create a new workspace and start fresh. If you need to move stuff between two personal workspaces… contact support.


Laura, how did you delete the teams? Did you just go through one by one, or is there a way to throw out everything and start completely fresh?


If you click on the “+” next to the team members under each team, you will see a pencil icon pop up next to the word “PEOPLE.” Click on that and a window will pop up with three tabs for TEAM SETTINGS. Click on Advanced, and at the bottom, you will see an option to “Delete Team.”


My first email would be to and see if they can eliminate in entirely your organization allowing you to start over.