Start dates on weekends shift towards next Monday, although the project is calculated backwards ("Schedule tasks on weekends" unchecked)


  • creating a new project from a template (with scheduled tasks)
  • and fixing the end date in order to have Asana calculate all start dates backwards
  • and “Schedule tasks on weekends” is unchecked,

Asana shifts start dates on weekends to the next Monday, while in my opinion it should shift them to the previous Friday, in order to ensure delivery in time.

Thank you in advance for clarifying!

Browser version: Firefox 73.0.1
Screenshots available on demand.

Happy Monday @Daniel_Wittig and thank you for taking time to report this issue!

To better assist you with this I would recommend you to contact to our Support Team who will be able to take a closer look into it for you and assist you further. You can contact them by following this steps: How do I contact support
When you do, please make sure to provide them with the following information to speed the process:

  • URL of this thread so you don’t need to re-explain everything.
  • URLs of the Template you used and the Project you have created
  • A screenshot of the steps you have followed when scheduling the project dates (like the one Im attaching below.

Apologies for not being able to assist you further via the Forum. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a great week!

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