Start dates not on business? Portfolio not on Premium?

I need start dates to help manage capacity, but it says it is only available on premium. I’m currently trialing business and love the portfolio option but this isn’t available on premium. How can I fully manage my teams capacity i’m so confused?!

Hi @Wendy_Rayner-Hall and welcome to the forum,

The Business subscription level is higher than (a superset of) Premium. It goes: Basic (Free), Premium, Business, Enterprise. So anything available starting at the Premium level, like Start Date, is also available at the higher two levels. Portfolios are available starting at the Business level; they’re not in Premium.

If you’re trialing Business, then you have Start Dates and Portfolios.

Does that help?

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I have portfolios but not start date…I have due date in each task and that is all, any ideas?

Ignore me…I’ve found it! Thank you


Do you mind sharing the solution to your problem in case someones run into it? My guess: you are paying for a team and not the org.

I suspect @Wendy_Rayner-Hall was looking for a separate “start date” field and since there isn’t one in the UI, thought that feature was missing; then realized it is part of the “due date” field.

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