Start Dates Are Here!

Is there a way to sort tasks and choose where start dates will fall in the list instead of having them only show up arranged by when the due date is?

Also - it would be great if the start date provided a notification.

I’m finding out about projects that I’ve been given a month to do, the day before their due by date because there’s no function to sort by start date.

Make the default start date the same a due by. This would mean under ‘My Tasks’ I would be able to see the tasks I’m expected to be working on when using the ‘sort by’ start date.

This seems like a really easy update and would bring a huge quality of life change to my workflow.

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For your information, the task auto-promotion feature in My Tasks now works based on the start date. So if you have the sort “None”, the tasks would have shown up in the Today section.

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