Start date private topic, prompt for Premium, but we are already on premium - bug?



We’ve recently upgraded to premium. We found out that if we have a private task (or quick task (Tab+Q) we cannot set a start date, it then prompts we have to upgrade to premium. But we are on premium?

We have set up a division, with a premium tier of 30 seats with 9 teams in that division. We would really like to give personal tasks, or tasks within the private project a start date as well and not upgrade to premium again :wink:

Any thoughts on this?


Hi @Joost, in order to benefit from your Premium premium plan, you just need to nest your tasks in a project belonging to one of your Premium Teams. If your task isn’t associated with a project, our system doesn’t know to which Team it belongs, which explains why you can’t see premium features.

If you want these tasks to remain private, you could maybe create a private project ( in one of your Premium Teams and add your private tasks to this project?

Hope this helps! :wink:


Yeah, I remember being a bit confused about this when start dates first launched. I just created a private project titled My Tasks 2. Problem solved!