Start Date & Finish Date for Tasks



I wanted to see if there is a way to add start dates to tasks. That way the person that it is assigned to can be notified and then start the task and finish it within the due date of the tasks.

I feel this would help many people as not all tasks are due in one day.


Asana has just recently started rolling out task start dates in beta to premium customers.


@TomPar thanks for sharing! I have a premium account, but this is not active yet. I look forward to it!


Hi :wave: everyone! I’m John, the product manager for start dates. Yes, we’ve started rolling-out the feature to add start dates on tasks for a few select users to test it out. The selection process is random so some of you who are lucky may be able to start using the feature. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


@John_Hung awesome work guys…now once Gantt charts are implemented, Asana will be complete…


@Michael_Lim Instagantt makes it complete then :slight_smile: cc @danielguajardok


@Bastien_Siebman Instagantt is a great add on, requires some tinkering around to set up. UI and UX could be better. I think Asana can make a more seamless gantt chart product like what Wrike has done with their gantt chart software


+1 for native gantt charts inside asana


Instagantt is integrated and very nice for a gantt chart


How about “randomly” choosing

;-)… I brought this Excellent Idea up years ago… Looking forward to it as its actually critical for anyone using this system for service scheduling… Of which we do… thanks


It also needs to function with Instagannt please…


Instagantt automatically sort task by start date. Makes gantt chart difficult to read and not Microsoft Project style.

Considering to switch to Teamwork.


+1 on start dates! Love the fact that Instagantt uses them. However it would be much more useful if the were migrated over to Asana. Would prevent me from having to do a bunch of double entry! :frowning:

Also would really like to be able to import tasks (with descriptions, start and end dates) from MS Project. We work with other companies and would greatly benefit from this integration!


Oh please roll out the start date soon! This feature would be SO helpful for our team!!!


We have an existing product feedback thread on this topic. For further discussion please refer to: Start date and estimated hours

Also, exciting news! Asana has officially rolled out Start Dates!