Start date and estimated hours

This must have been discussed before - but if i use the search function nothing shows up.

Asana does not use the concept of a start date. Since it is not there - i guess it must be an active choice from Asana’s side.

So i was wondering what reasons lie behind this?

We are also using Instagantt, and the Integration between Asana and Instagantt works really good. But all task has to be adjusted in instagantt with a start date because Asana does not use it.

I can also see some benefits also for users not using Instagantt. Fx by utilising a start date, you could have a function that used the start date to create a automatic reminder task, to start working on the task. I have not fully developed that though yet, so please add your ideas.

Another related function would be to add an estimated hours field. This could also go into the functions above. Instagantt also uses an estimated hours field.

I would love some feedback on this, what do other users think?


Hi @Peter_Skjoldager

Great news! Multi-day tasks are on Asana’s roadmap. We don’t have precise timing around when this feature will launch, but it is one of the team’s top priorities (and mine, too!). :slight_smile:

As for estimated hours, I’d suggest utilizing Custom Fields -
If you use the same ‘Est Time’ Custom Field across projects, you can search, sort, and sum around this easily -

Stay tuned to the Community for more around start dates and other exciting upcoming launches.


along with start date, it would also be good to add the mark waiting on into the api


Thanks for that feedback, @Lars_Svekis. I think my developer relations colleague, @Matt_Bramlage will be interested to hear it.

Definitely agree that “Mark as Waiting On…” feature needs to be in the API. The founder of Instagantt has told me that he will implement that into Instagantt as soon as Asana adds it to the API. This would make major project due date shifts simple, as well as more easily creating the dependencies (which is a lot easier to visualize and establish with a Gantt chart view IMHO).


Are there any other solutions for Gantt charting other than Instagantt?

You’ll see lots of documentation about Instagantt in the Asana Guide and on the Asana website. If you’re interested in exploring other options it usually depends on the use case. You can always check out Unito,, Zapier, and IFTT options for gantt <> Asana options.

What are you hoping to do with Gantt charts and Asana that you haven’t seen is possible with Instagantt @Lars_Svekis ?

I was looking for a solution that provides visuals for projects and resources used, integrating with Asana projects, tasks and members. I had sent Instagantt an email but have not received a response yet. There is also no company information available.

I believe I had emailed you about my concerns

The great news is we have @danielguajardok from Instagantt here in the forum with us! I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer your questions shortly, Lars.

Hey @Lars_Svekis! I was searching all our channels and couldn’t find any e-mail from you. Would you mending sending it again to

Regarding custom fields, we’re working on integrating them. So we hope to see this around Q2 where you can specify that the “Instagantt Estimated Hours” fields will map to “Est Hours Custom field on Asana”, for example :slight_smile:


Hey @danielguajardok, I’ll send another email

Is there an estimated time frame we can account on for the start / stop date… I’ve also talked to daniel over the last few years in hopes of seeing this developed. I’m not in the tech world and have constructed Asana to work for my construction business, and instagantt was a key component in my decision to self build through Asana… Both are great channels for collaboration and this aspect could bring a lot more folks from the construction industry… Good for all… THANKS, and this is great to see being discussed and worked on!!!..


Thanks for the insight, @Benjamin_Friberg and we’ll keep you updated on any progress on this.

It’d also be great connect sometime to learn more about your workflows within the construction industry. Could be a great new thread here in the community, or we can work with @Alexis on other ways to share your insights (maybe a webinar or AMA). Look forward to learning more about your team.

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I love this idea! Creating a task about this :wink:

@Benjamin_Friberg thank you for your enthusiasm! I’ll reach out to you in the near future. In the meantime, I look forward to learning more about how you use Asana for your construction business. Feel free to bounce ideas around with us here in the Community!

The start date would be so good and something we need in our business - looking at the progress chart isnt really reflective of the time used if we decided to start the project flow in Asana after project has started. Looking forward to seeing this come to life :slight_smile:


Hey folks! I’m sending along a question from my colleague on the Asana Research team. Jerry is currently conducting research on the type of functionality we’re discussing in this thread. She is looking for people who’d like to check out some designs we’ve got and give us feedback on them. If you’re interested, fill out this survey by 4/14 to be considered. Jerry will be in contact by 4/19 if there’s a fit for the research. Thanks!

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We very much want start dates distinct from due dates as well. Hope this comes soon!


Another vote for both of these features (estimated hours & start dates). These are killer features that are needed to especially allow the best possible integrations with tools like instagantt. Especially since the “estimated hours rollup” hack got removed from Asana!

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Start date and estimated hours would be useful fields for our team too! Please add as soon as possible :slight_smile: