Standard Highlight Color for projects


Hey guys,

Is there a way that I can set for the projects to be created without the highlight color?

I generally don’t use highlight color for projects and having to take it off every time I create a project is a little bit annoying.


Hi @Millor_Machado :wave:t3:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to choose a “project color” while creating your project, or to change the default color which is purple I believe. With that said, we’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind for future improvements!

Have a great Friday :slight_smile:


Here is just a bump from another user;

I liked the default highlight color set to nothing. Now it sets the color randomly so I have to create the project and then change the color manually to match the other projects.

I hope that the functionality to change to the default highlight color when creating projects, or access to a new project template manager would be welcome additions.


Agree with you! I prefered when “nothing” was the default.


I also agree with this request. We do use templates when creating new projects and it seems like the default color should be the same as the template. Also, we use color coded status fields that work very well in calendar mode but the random project color selection often makes it difficult to quickly distinguish project status. Therefore, we have to manually re-set the highlight color for each new project. Thanks