Standard Highlight Color for projects


Hey guys,

Is there a way that I can set for the projects to be created without the highlight color?

I generally don’t use highlight color for projects and having to take it off every time I create a project is a little bit annoying.


Hi @Millor_Machado :wave:t3:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to choose a “project color” while creating your project, or to change the default color which is purple I believe. With that said, we’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind for future improvements!

Have a great Friday :slight_smile:


Here is just a bump from another user;

I liked the default highlight color set to nothing. Now it sets the color randomly so I have to create the project and then change the color manually to match the other projects.

I hope that the functionality to change to the default highlight color when creating projects, or access to a new project template manager would be welcome additions.


Agree with you! I prefered when “nothing” was the default.