Splitting up an Asana Account



My partner and I have decided to go different directions but we both have quite a bit of info in our shared Asana account.

Is there a way for us to move projects from one app to another?

I was thinking about moving all of his stuff to another workspace but wouldn’t that still be under the same paid account?

Thanks for your input!!


For this type of question, I think you should contact Asana support directly:


Thanks Julien! Same here but I don’t know how. I literally don’t see any way from the help screen to reach out directly to support. :confused:


Nevermind. I just went down the inconspicuous rabbit whole to find a form to submit.



Click on the following link:

Then “I’m having trouble with…”
Then “My account”
Then scroll to the bottom
Then select “Let’s talk” under “Still having trouble?”

I hope that helps


For sure!

Thanks, Julien :slight_smile: