Speed: Especially searching and loading projects


I love Asana. However, my team is mostly just me, and the overhead of waiting sometimes up to 10 seconds to do a simple search or switching projects is becoming too much. Asana needs to be much more quick and nimble in to be a fabulously effective tool. Right now, it’s just at the level of keeping things in track, but not really helping me when I need to be productive with it. Sorting and moving tasks takes too long. Sometimes the simple act of adding a tag takes several seconds. All this adds up psychologically and in real actual time towards wanting to use the product less and less.

Increase local storage. I would LOVE to have everything local and just sync changes on my browser, or even better a native app on my Mac. Same thing with the phone.


Hi @Cecil have a read of the following Blog Post gives you a bit of any idea of what Asana are doing about Performance.




I love Asana but I am very sad to say that I had to move a lot of my second brain to other tools that allowed me to search fairly instantly. I cannot wait for the day when Asana will provide a Google like instant search.
Just for clarification’s sake, is this a backend limitation or the slugginess that often comes from web apps as opposed to native OS apps?