Spatially Mapping Locations of Tasks


I work for a utility, and I advocated for implementing Asana when I arrived a couple years ago. We use it now regularly to manage our daily office and field project work. Our work is spatial by nature, and I have always wondered why Asana has not developed or integrated a location/mapping component. I recently have been looking at other Project Management Apps and found that does have a mapping component. The way they do it, you have a field column that is the location, and it references actual addresses. Then, as part of the specific project (in that app, called Board), you can view all the tasks spatially on a map.

I’m sure this is far more difficult than I understand, but I am wondering why this has yet to be implemented? It would provide significant value to our workflow, and I’m sure it would be helpful for others as well. Additionally, with the increasing prevalence of ESRI/other spatial analysis tools, it would seem to be something Asana might choose to invest time and effort towards. Thanks for any insights.

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