Sorting tasks by importance


Hi everyone,

I would be happy to know if tasks can be organized according to their importance in “my tasks calendar view”?

I thouhgt about upgrading in order to use custom fielsd (create tasks importance tags) , but will do it only after I understand that it is possible to arrange according to custom fields.

I would be very glad for anyone’s help.

Good day!


Custom fields are not visible in the MyTasks view. They are only available into a project. Then you can create a project with all your tasks but you will then need to associate all your tasks to this project.
Or you can use tags, available in the free version.
Or you can create sections on the MyTasks page and name then with high low priorities.


Thanks a lot for your answer.

What about the “My tasks calendar view”, Is it possible to arrange tasks over there?

Thanks again!


I’m not using a lot the calendar view then I’m not 100% sure but I think you don’t have more options with it.


If you are interested in having custom fields in MyTasks, you can vote there:


I don’t tend to use the calendar view either, but I know instagantt is very good for setting this up. You can filter directly by tag, so filtering by priority wouldn’t be a problem.