Sorting Option: Sort tasks by Task Creator/ Assigner?



We’ve got thousands of tasks and now dozens of projects and teams in asana. In my office, I am not the only one assigning and creating the tasks. Whenever staff are reminding me to do something, I ask them to create an asana task. I want to be able to look up “Tasks by Task Creator” so I can quickly look up tasks assigned to me my a certain team member. (Yow, I’m seeing Jason this afternoon, let me see what he assigned me and catchup on that!) Can asana make this happen for us! I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat.


@Adina_Zaiontz an other way to have a similar result is to search for tasks created by Jason that are assigned to you.

for this case you can use an advanced search like this

*for the “Created by” field you will need to click on Add filter > People > Created by


It’s worth adding as a little caveat to @Diakoptis’s suggestion, you can only perform advanced searches if you have a Premium account.


thank @Diakoptis - very helpful!!!


Glad I helped @Adina_Zaiontz :slight_smile:


I thought that supported at organizations by default. Need a premium account only for workspaces.


My mistake! You’re right @Diakoptis . I don’t know if this has recently changed or if I’ve invented a false memory, but I was sure Advanced Search wasn’t available the last time I set up a non-Premium team.

That’s good to know. Thanks. :+1: