Sorting in Asana

Hello all,

It seems to me that the sorting options in Asana is somewhat limited.

In “My Task”:

  • Fx if i view by project - then i want to sort the task by due date. This is not possible. How are they sorted?
  • In the today/upcomming/later it would also be helpfull to be able force it to sort by due date under each “section”

In projects:

  • it would be really helpfull to be able to sort by fx due date under each section.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


Some good ideas there. I especially like the sorting options you listed for the dashboards.


In my opinion, much of this could be accomplished with having a primary sort and a secondary sort as seen in many other types of software. For instance Primary-Project Secondary-Due Date. If primary/secondary was added throughout Asana it would be very useful.


I completely agree @James_Carl. It is beyond me why something like that is not implemented. Fx the “incomplete” view, that Asana loves - why is it not sorted after due date by default? The current sorting does not make sense to me? Sorry to Asana for sounding a bit agitated, but i simply do not understand why something like this is not taking care of? It would seem pretty simple to add.


@James_Carl and @Todd_Cavanaugh So we are in agreement :slight_smile:

I hope Asana will implement these things sooner rather than later.


We hear you :slight_smile: Our product team is aware of your thoughts and feedback.


I used to really think that the incomplete sort being default was beyond confusing and changed it to due date default every time I could. But recently - like in the past 2 weeks - I’ve started using the today/upcoming/later options and I realized it was more helpful to me than to see a list of my tasks by due date.

I think its a volume thing - like if you have 20-50 tasks, due date is OK probably, but I’ve begun to understand why incomplete not only exists, but is default. I just didn’t listen until now hah

Although I agree 100% that there needs to be a primary/secondary sort functions. I find the current sorting methods to be a bit wonky, to say the least. It gets done what I need it to, but I feel the mechanisms could be clearer for others…


Sounds good :slight_smile: Let us know if you want further, of if you want feedback on some concrete ideas.


We really need the Sort by Task name function. Is that in the works?


I think you’ll be interested in this thread on the future of Asana

Adding my support for this feature request! Sorting by multiple criteria (eg. by assignee, and now by custom field: urgency) is an area where Asana lags far behind Wrike, etc.

As the manager of multiple teams, I’d love to keep closer tabs on individual progress. It would be extremely useful for me to see how people are progressing on their most important tasks by sorted by assignee, and then by task urgency, etc. Multi-factor sort is available in most programs and seems like basic functionality you’d want to have.


I’m also adding my support for this feature. Also a sorting by tags would be great, as I do have different tasks in different sub-projects, so when I meet my Migration guy I can sort to show all tasks with regard to Migration and if I meet my Test guy I can show all the tasks with regards to testing

They might be overlapping, though… Interesting question how to solve that… but I leave that to your talented design team :smiley:


I agree with a lot of what’s being said in this thread.

At the very least, support for sorting by section would be wonderful. As it stands, sorting by due date wrecks your section layout. Sorting by section wrecks your due date layout. A primary and secondary sort structure would improve sorting immensely. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Yes, being able to sort by multiple fields like in Excel would be indispensable. We have a lot of custom fields and often need to sort by 2, 3, or even 4 of them. We also would love to be able to display more than 5 fields as columns in the main pane, or have some kind of extended view that let’s us show more.


Another related feature that’s sorely missing is that you can’t sort by custom fields when looking at a view that saved from a search, like you can in the project view. Even though the custom fields display in the view.


I came here to request this exact feature.

We have a different project set up for each client that the business works with. Inside a project, we use sub-sections to break out different areas of work for each client. Being able to sort those tasks under those sub-sections by date would be incredibly useful.

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Total support for expanded sorting options. When I sort alphabetically, it ruins all the sections and their tasks. Also, it would be helpful to be able to link subtasks to certain sections instead of only projects.

Our company deals a lot with construction, so we have a “Project” which is a city name, and when you open that project, each section is the title of a different project that we are working on in that city, with the respective tasks below. I want to be able to sort those sections alphabetically, because then our project names are sorted alphabetically, but if I do then the respective tasks move all over the place and our layout is no longer functional.

Halp, Asana!


+1 to all of the above! Looking forward to sorting my tasks by project and then by due date!

If you are a PC user my gift to the community CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community does do that with CSV file exports but is limited by the CSV file constraints noted in the post. As I mentioned above I too would love multiple sorts.

another vote for sorting!